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Most people who have had their homes or business broken into will tell you that the experience left them feeling violated. That’s because your home and business is the focus of your life, providing shelter and security.

USA Security Services, Inc., a licensed security contractor, understands this and realizes that when you turn to us to help protect your Hudson County, NJ home & business from burglary, fire, or vandalism, you have placed your security in our hands. It takes trust in your contractor to attain “peace of mind”. Acknowledging our responsibility, we take great care in the hiring, training, and certifying of our personnel, the installing of our equipment, and the monitoring of our customer’s systems. To do less, would not provide our customer with “peace of mind”.

USA Security Services, Inc. does not install pre-packaged systems. Each system is custom designed, by us, to meet the customer’s specific requirements. Only the finest equipment and most expert installation techniques are used to complete each project.

USA Security Services, Inc. provides 24hr U.L. listed monitoring services to Hudson County NJ. We pride ourselves on the continuity of service and the rapid response of our central station.

USA Security Services, Inc. services it own systems as well as those installed by other companies. Service is usually completed within 8 to 24 hours of the customer’s request for services.

Since our inception, USA Security Services, Inc. has installed and serviced a broad range of security equipment in homes and business throughout Hudson County NJ. Our customers are always ready and willing to recommend USA.

Hudson County, NJ Home & business Security Services we offer include:
Hudson County, NJ Home & business Alarm System Installation
Hudson County, NJ Home & businessSecurity Monitoring
Hudson County, NJ Fire Alarm System Installation
Hudson County, NJ Fire Alam System Maintenance

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Home Theater and Whole House Audio
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