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Access Control Devices

Built on a foundation of versatility, expandability, and complete systems integration, USA Security Services, Inc., offers Access Control Systems that satisfy a wide range of options tailored for all budgets. Whether it’s to control one door in a single building, or hundreds of doors in multiple buildings over an expansive geographic network, USA Security Services, Inc. can design, install, and service the system perfect for you, or your business.

Today, your access control options are increasing exponentially. State of the art advancements such as Biometric fingerprint, iris, face, voice and hand geometry readers combined, or retrofitted to your existing readers, to accommodate dual and triple layer authentication, is now refined and reliable. Fully networked and browser based client software, allowing unprecedented management and administration of your access control system, to prevent intrusion for your business’ vulnerable access points, is now at your local, or networked fingertips.

USA Security Services, Inc. brings this technology to the forefront and with our design, installation, and service of these systems, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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